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Store Closing Plan

Store Closing Plan

This book, The Ultimate Store Closing Strategy, is packed with cutting-edge concepts to maximize sales and open your mind to new breakthrough ideas.

Its sole purpose is to give insights, inspirations, and strategic ideas to make a successful switch in your life and solve your biggest challenge.

Wouldn’t you like to learn the biggest marketing mistakes that 90% of retailers make and how you can avoid them? Or discover how you can profit during these fast-changing times?

This strategic book is NOT a self-promoting sales presentation, an easy how-to recipe, or do-it-yourself manual. It is an illustrated guidebook to motivate and encourage you to unlock the hidden wealth in your business, and at the same time take the stress and frustration off your shoulders with an effective store closing plan.

POWER Retailing’s comprehensive sales-driven system means faster results and more cash flow than with any other company at any price. And, it can be applied to almost any type of retail store and make your cash registers ring NOW!

By taking action, as an added FREE Bonus you’ll gain private access to our personal coaching programs: Plus, 1-hour FREE consultation and evaluation ($300 value) to achieve your goal.

The Ultimate Store Closing Plan!

#1 Retail Consulting Service for Store Closing, Going Out of Business, and Retail Liquidation Strategies

  • No games, contests, or large up-front fees
  • Sell your inventory and fixtures for 100% Cash
  • Exit your business in six to eight weeks or less
  • Eliminate debt and sell merchandise FAST

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