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Exit Strategies for Retailers!
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Retailers All Over America Rely on POWER Retailing to Unlock The Wealth In Their Businesses!

Make a Successful Switch in Your Life! For more than 30 years, POWER Retailing has proven its value for thousands of retail businesses.

Our step-by-step system has set the standard for fully integrated liquidation and cash flow strategies that can be applied to virtually any retail business. Our professional services include:

  • Going out of business, store closing and retirement sales
  • Liquidation sales of excess and obsolete inventory
  • Reorganization and turnaround plans to pay off debt

See Video to Meet a Few of the Many Retailers Who Have Profited with Us.

Our specialized services can be tailored to virtually any retail category, including: Fine Apparel … Hardware … Shoes … Gifts … Books … Sporting Goods … Home Decor … Furniture … Office Supplies … Golf … Jewelry … Pets … Patio … Bridal … Hobby … and more.

The Ultimate Store Closing Plan!

#1 Retail Consulting Service for Store Closing, Going Out of Business, and Retail Liquidation Strategies

  • No games, contests, or large up-front fees
  • Sell your inventory and fixtures for 100% Cash
  • Exit your business in six to eight weeks or less
  • Eliminate debt and sell merchandise FAST

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